“What Not to Wear” Fashion Saving Acronym


While watching a “What Not to Wear” re-run the other day, I heard them say such a perfectly useful acronym and decided it was too good not to share.

The acronym is fairly simple and obvious but it’s such a good thing to keep in mind while shopping for clothing, especially while shopping by yourself when you don’t have access to a second opinion or the second opinion you do have around is not exactly trustworthy!

B: Body appropriate Does this item really flatter your body type? Think back to similar items you’ve purchased in the past, did it photograph well? Also, use the mirrors that allow you to see the back of you as well as the front and make sure you can sit and breathe comfortably in.

A: Age appropriate There’s no need to obsess over this one even though most of us do. It’s really a matter of comfort. Do you feel comfortable sporting this potential trend? If you do, it’s most likely age appropriate and when in doubt, do without!

S: Situation appropriate Pretty self-explanatory, right? 🙂

E: Expense appropriate  CPW (cost per wear) When making a decision, take into consideration the wear you will receive from the item AND what you currently have in your closet that you can coordinate with the new piece. For example, don’t be afraid to bite the bullet with your basic black skirt that you know you’ll wear until the threads fall apart, but think twice before buying anything that’s too expensive and flashy that will be very noticeable if worn frequently.

There you have it folks, B.A.S.E- a truly useful shopping tool! Put it into practice during your next shopping expedition and comment your experience below…

Happy shopping friends!

Give Green a Chance

greencollage1 copy

While I was out shopping this past weekend I fell in love with a hunter green Marc Jacobs leather purse. Hunter green? Yes, it’s a little unexpected but it was absolutely perfect!

Unfortunately, the beautiful purse was not on the shopping list but as I continued shopping, I noticed this hue was all over the place. It’s like when you buy a certain car and all of a sudden you start seeing just how many cars like that are on the road. I realized this was one hott trend for any wardrobe.

Hunter green is bold enough to be the predominant color in fun evening wear but also subdued enough to just add a sophisticated splash of color to any run of the mill outfit.  So I am professing here and now my love for hunter green and hope this collage I put together helps others give green a chance.

Party Rocking at Your Best


It’s happened to us all before. You have an important party or event to attend and you simply don’t feel like going because you don’t feel you look your best. This usually is an issue when you’re meeting with people that haven’t seen you in some time or meeting someone where landing a good first impression is crucial. The experience itself can make any one selfconcious but add a bad haircut, an extra five pounds, or a lack of a stylish ensemble, and you have a recipe for a party pooper.

But there’s no need to avoid the party all together. We’ve come up with some great tips to turn around any to-be sour party moments.

1. Draw attention to your best features.

While you may be completely focused on your “bad” haircut, make others notice your beautiful statement earrings or smoky eye make up. Pin up shorter layers to help those features steal the show.

2. Wear comfortable clothes that fit your shape.

Yes, ideally we would  have lost those extra five pounds by the party date, but unfortunately it’s not always possible. Instead of squeezing into a tight dress that might make others realize you’ve put on a little weight and make you feel self conscious all night, wear something that fits to the point where you feel comfortable and able to breathe. Usually comfort can turn in to confidence and confidence translates to beauty in others’ eyes.

3. Accesorize, accesorize, accesorize!

Didn’t have time to run to the store for this season’s latest trend? Don’t stress. Run to your closet and find a classic look for the event your attending (something that you can’t pinpoint to a certain year). Now think of accesories that will help make the ensemble look more modern. If you don’t currently own any, run to favorite jewelry store already dressed and ask for a store associate to help you find something that will “pop”. As we all know, it’s much easier and quicker to shop for accesories than it is for a new outfit and being already dressed will help you see the “whole” picture.

We hope this blog has you soon feeling like a million bucks. Put these suggestions in to play and you’ll be ready to party in no time!

Some helpful points to consider when trying to save some money.

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Who is not trying to tighthen their belts? Financially that is…well maybe in your middriff too, wouldn’t hurt (but that’s another post).  Like many others, my hubby and I are watching our cash flow. One way to do this and I have done so for many years is shopping resale recommended by many financial experts. Well that’s why I decided to open a resale/consignment boutique, there were none that I enjoyed in the area (again thats a story for another post).  Early this week we had the bad news that clothing prices were going way up. That hurts! So now is the time to learn how to buy resale/consignment. Now why do I say “learn” how to buy resale/consignment? Well it’s because it’s a whole other way of shopping…you don’t just go in and find a particular shoe and ask the clerk the size you want and maybe the color you want, nope…

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For the Shorties

Vintage Vogue is officially accepting kid’s apparel! Exciting? We think so!

Our mini me’s need to be a great or even better reflection of us so they deserve the best. But the best doesn’t always have to cost like the best.

After all, the way kids grow nowadays..they’ll wear those brand name sneakers three, maybe four times? We also pride ourselves in great parenting, showing them morals and values that will make them capable adults. Why not show them to love the earth and recycle? There’s also a great lesson in being frugal and not viewing gently worn clothing as the plague that should be avoided at all costs.

There’s no doubt about it.. the art of consigning and shopping consignment is a useful habit that will stay with your children for years to come! Come by to Vintage Vogue today and bring your little one too to start teaching them just one more of your many valuable life lessons.

Minty Fresh

Why is mint so hot for summer 2012? This frosty shade is a lovely mix between blue and green and gives off a light, airy vibe. Mint pairs well with many colors, but we especially love how it looks with yellow, pink and teal. Mix and match a mint-colored item with one of those shades for a gorgeous and spring-appropriate look.



Don’t think you can pull off a full on minty look? Try easing in to it with mint accesories and you’ll soon see the appeal of this seemingly unusual color trend. Have you tried this look as of yet? What kind of feedback did you get from your friends? Let us know below with a comment!

Color Woes

Have you ever looked in your closet and seen so much black overpowering your wardrobe and thought, “Ozzy Osborne would be proud.” ? This happens to great number of us I think, myself included. And it seems as much of a conscientious effort I make to purchase clothes of a different shade, I’m drawn to black or it’s nearest sibling, gray.

So a question many of us ask is: How can I make my wardrobe less gloomy?

First off, we need to quit justifying our gray-scale purchases saying things like “This is truly a wardrobe staple I can wear anytime of the year.” However true that may be, you must remember, you have said that the last several times you’ve gone shopping and one can only have so many black staples.

Second of all, dress for the season. If it’s spring you’ll feel much more fashion forward and alive wearing fresh vibrant colors and people will instantly view you as someone who is happier and ready for whatever the world throws at them. Even if it’s a baby step such as mixing a spring colored blouse with some black pants or throwing on a neon color blouse under that black blazer. Every little bit counts and makes a huge difference.

And last but not least, however flattering black may be, colors that truly bring out the best in your skin or eye color will draw attention AWAY from any problems areas you think you have and give you a truly polished look.

Think of these three things next time you are out shopping and write them on your hand or stick a post it with these reminders on to your credit card next time you are tempted to purchase something black, when your closet would honestly be better without it.

Have you personally dealt with your color woes? How did you accomplish breaking the habit? Tell us in your comments!

Smarty Pants

“I wear pants almost exclusively so I can sit like a truck driver. I own one dress — a long evening gown. — Lauren Bacall


Everyone loves a good pair of pants..you know the kind- those that hug your curves in all the right places and make you feel like a million bucks.

But then there are the other “favorite” pair of pants. The ones that you love unconditionally, holes, bleach stains, saggy fit and all. As much as we love that “favorite” pair, it’s much better to enjoy the experience of wearing them in the comfort (and privacy) of your own home.

So exactly how can you find yourself that great trendy pant that makes you feel fabulous? Well it may take many tries but the work is worth it because there are all kinds of ways our bottom half can make or break us!

Keep these helpful tips in mind the next time you find yourself in search of the perfect pant from the National Ledger:

–Make sure the proportions are flattering.

All it takes is a mirror. Yes, make yourself stand in front of it and check out the waist and below. Try on leggings, boot-cut pants and wide-cut trousers. Don’t rule out those skinny jeans, either. Try them all on and judge for yourself. You’ll get the picture — fast — and find out what pants work for you.

–Don’t get shortchanged.

Yes, we know those cropped pants have been the fashion trend du jour for the past few years, but they don’t necessarily work for everyone. If you have short legs, remember cropped pants make them even shorter. Ditto with cuffs. Consider wearing heels with cropped pants, if you are indeed very short.

–Don’t get caught without your shoes.

If you are trying on pants in a store, be sure to take along a few pairs of shoes that you might wear with the pants. And you may want to consider taking your pants to a tailor to get the correct length. Remember not all pant lengths will work with all your shoes. Many of us have several pairs of jeans hemmed to different lengths for just this one reason.

–Avoid the extra bells and whistles.

Yes, the embroideries and the pockets and all the extra hoopla on pants can get in the way of finding the perfect pair of pants. However, this season, the extras are all about color. Buying a pair of jeans in a bold hot pink can boost your wardrobe for months to come.

–No pleats please.

Pleated trousers have gone the way of “mom jeans.” Just don’t do it. Stick to flat front pants, which will give you a much better silhouette. Yes, you may have to try on dozens of brands to find the ones that fit and don’t give you the dreaded “muffin top,” but it will be worth it. Then stick to the style that flatters you most, and buy several pairs when you find a pair that works.

–The key is balance.

It’s not just the style of pants that you wear that counts; it’s what you wear with the pants. Long sweaters and tunics that cover your hips will make you look longer and leaner, as will fitted jackets and the new sleeveless vests. Platform heels will also give you height.

–Check out the trends!

Don’t be afraid to experiment with new styles this spring. There’s a plethora of new pants to try. Colorful prints and overlays are making big news, so are high-waisted flares, flowing palazzo pants and even drawstring pajama pants. And for those of you who have great legs to bare — there are plenty of short shorts and even “hot” pants out there to heat up your spring and summer fashion seasons.

Start 2012 on the right greatly-discounted-FABULOUS-brand-name-shoe-wearing foot

So it’s a long title but that’s exactly how we should start off any year and keep it that way throughout the remainder. These are certainly tough economic times but we shouldn’t mope about it. Instead, we should look at it as a fun challenge!

It’s the thrill of the hunt that keeps looking for the best deals around and this is the perfect time to look for them. Spring is quickly approaching and the best time to shop for winter items is when winter is on it’s way out the door. It’s always a good idea to buy clothes out of season because that is when you get the best deals. Of course you’ll be dying to wear your new coats and sweaters and let’s face it, you may bust one out to wear on one of those “cool” and rare 80 degree days in the spring/summer, but atleast you will not have spent a small fortune on your personal 2012/2013 winter collection.

Another tip is to always look for the essential wardrope pieces. How many of us have random things we’ve bought that are just hanging in our closets collecting dust? Those items take up money that could be used purchasing great staple pieces. With a few of those pieces and nice accessories, you won’t feel the urge to break your piggy bank everytime you run across a new fad.

Well those are just a couple of tips to staying fashionable without spending a fortune. Stay tune for more!

Black Friday 2011 is Upon Us

Yes, Black Friday is exactly 9 days away. I have to admit, I was a little startled when I saw the calendar this morning but it’s also pretty exciting for our little local economy.

 There have been national movements the past few years encouraging shoppers to spend their hard-earned dollars with the merchants that provide local jobs and help make your city a great place to live and work.  Shopping local not only improves your local tax base, helping fund everything from schools to park maintenance and land conservation, but it limits the amount of fossil fuels used to have items shipped long distances from online stores- not to mention you don’t have to get up at 2am to get to Austin in time for any of the worthwhile deals!

So in conclusion, come visit the little shopping strip where Vintage Vogue is located to support your local economy before, during, and after Black Friday. You’ll be surprised at just how great the deals and service are at Vintage Vogue and your shopping experience will be even more enjoyable with a couple more hours of much needed shut-eye!