Ready to make some money this fall?

Getting ready for the fall season…Check out these great tips from How to Consign..

How to Consign

It’s almost time to take your early-fall items in to your favorite shop. Will you make some money this fall?

Whether you anticipate selling, consigning, or donating to your favorite worthy cause, there are simple, easy ways to make more money on gently-used home and wardrobe items. From our HowToConsign site:

Prepare your items for consignment or resale to make more money 

Make your consignment fresh as a daisy to turn your cluttered closets into cashMaking your items look their best gives you a boost in resale value. Why? The better it looks, the better it sells. Here’s how making your things shine can mean more success:

  • Freshly-cleaned and groomed items will appeal to the shopkeeper, which means they will be more likely to be accepted for sale in the shop. Remember, the shopkeeper will not accept items that she or he doesn’t believe will sell. If it’s not immaculate, that’s a big strike against it, no matter how desirable it…

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