Black Friday 2011 is Upon Us

Yes, Black Friday is exactly 9 days away. I have to admit, I was a little startled when I saw the calendar this morning but it’s also pretty exciting for our little local economy.

 There have been national movements the past few years encouraging shoppers to spend their hard-earned dollars with the merchants that provide local jobs and help make your city a great place to live and work.  Shopping local not only improves your local tax base, helping fund everything from schools to park maintenance and land conservation, but it limits the amount of fossil fuels used to have items shipped long distances from online stores- not to mention you don’t have to get up at 2am to get to Austin in time for any of the worthwhile deals!

So in conclusion, come visit the little shopping strip where Vintage Vogue is located to support your local economy before, during, and after Black Friday. You’ll be surprised at just how great the deals and service are at Vintage Vogue and your shopping experience will be even more enjoyable with a couple more hours of much needed shut-eye!

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