Back to School: Back to the Basics

What is perhaps, the most wonderful thing about going back to school? Hands down: NEW CLOTHES! And the worst? NEW-CLOTHES-PRICES! So why not go back to the basics this school year?

2011’s Hottest hallway trends are tribal-inspired backpacks, chunky jewelry, and sweet seasonal scarves…all of which can be found at great consignment stores like Vintage Vogue.

Don’t feel comfortable hitting the books with second hand clothing? It’s all in the’s not’s vintage! Vintage IS and will ALWAYS be in. Go ahead and buy your retail trends but don’t be afraid to mix it up with some basic & not to mention classic, gently worn items you can find at Vintage Vogue. We guarantee you will get more “OMG, I LOVE THAT! WHERE DID YOU FIND THAT???” from friends keeping your unique style fresh with older favorites.

What are you most looking forward to this fall semester? Comment on the left hand side!

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