E-How to Put on Spanx like a Hollywood Celebrity

First off, this was EHow’s title – not mine. I don’t care who you are, there ain’t nothing glamourous about putting on Spanx!
Unfortunately Spanx is one of those necessary evils for anyone who is against showing off the shape of their panties or bulges while wearing any unforgiving garment. 
Therefore, here are some tips which I found myself chuckling at since you just can’t seem to read them without picturing how completely dumb you feel putting them on- but they’re helpful nonetheless!  I can’t help but think how much better my first couple of Spanx experiences would have been, had I read this first!


Difficulty: Moderately (Ha! How about VERY) Challenging
1. Take off your jewelry so it doesn’t snag the fabric. Even a small ring can snag the material. Spanx are like pantyhose, once they are snagged or have runs, they are ruined.

2. Be careful with your fingernails. Even short nails can snag the fabric. Use your fingertips and handle the material carefully, as if you were working with pantyhose or stockings.

3. Don’t put your Spanx on immediately after getting out of the bath or shower when your skin may still be damp. This is for two reasons. First, if you have taken a hot bath or shower, the heat may have caused your skin to expand. Secondly, if your skin is the slightest bit damp, you will have a tough time pulling up the Spanx garment.

4. Use some baby powder. If you are having a difficult time pulling up the garment over your legs, apply some baby powder to your skin. This will help dry up any moisture and the material won’t stick to you. Dusting powder helps the fabric glide over your skin better.

5.  If you are trying to put on a Spanx garment with legs, try this trick. Pull the garment up and fit your upper body, torso, or waist first. Pull the legs up to the upper thigh crease as if they were panties. Once the upper body portion is in place, pull the legs back down into the desired position.

6. Give yourself extra time to work with the shaping garment. Spanx are much better than old fashioned corsets or girdles, but they take some time to put on. Make sure you are in a cool room so you don’t start sweating – that will just make things worse (Boy does it ever!).

7. If all else fails, go up a size. Some women routinely buy shaping underwear a size larger than they normally wear since the garments are so small and constricting.

8.See the resources links for more about Spanx undergarments.

SPANX ® Official Sitewww.SPANX.com

Hopefully, this either got an (a.) Chuckle out for bringing back such fond memories of putting on this piece of spandex with a mind of its’ own or (b.) Gave you Spanx “virgins” out there tips to make your first time less painful! Do you have a funny Spanx story you would like to share? Click the comment link on the top left corner to leave your story!

Back to School: Back to the Basics

What is perhaps, the most wonderful thing about going back to school? Hands down: NEW CLOTHES! And the worst? NEW-CLOTHES-PRICES! So why not go back to the basics this school year?

2011’s Hottest hallway trends are tribal-inspired backpacks, chunky jewelry, and sweet seasonal scarves…all of which can be found at great consignment stores like Vintage Vogue.

Don’t feel comfortable hitting the books with second hand clothing? It’s all in the attitude..it’s not used..it’s vintage! Vintage IS and will ALWAYS be in. Go ahead and buy your retail trends but don’t be afraid to mix it up with some basic & not to mention classic, gently worn items you can find at Vintage Vogue. We guarantee you will get more “OMG, I LOVE THAT! WHERE DID YOU FIND THAT???” from friends keeping your unique style fresh with older favorites.

What are you most looking forward to this fall semester? Comment on the left hand side!

Consignment Stores Saved the Shopaholic

Confessions of Shopaholic is a great movie that sadly, so many of us can relate to! (Cute movie by the way if you haven’t seen it! ) But looking back at this movie..I started thinking..could consignment stores have saved this shopaholic or any number who are out there? We’ll let you decide by checking out the-


Top Ten Reasons to Buy at Consignment Stores:

10. Recycling: You are able to wear the clothes you like until they get old or you are ready for something different. You can drop off your used clothes at consignment stores and get some extra cash for more clothes or opt to have it donated to your local crisis center to help someone in need if it doesn’t sell.

9.  Selection: The variety of clothing you can find in a consignment shop or second-hand store far exceeds that of any traditional retail store.

8.  Self-Expression: You are able to be creative and find a look that suits your individual personality. Because of the great selection of different types and styles of clothing, you can try putting several items together that you might not ever find in the same retail stores. Fun fun fun!

7.  Convenience: Consignment shops or second-hand stores are usually located near residential areas in small shopping centers or even homes, even in lil’ ol’ Marble Falls, TX!

6.  Service: Most consignment shops provide a warm, friendly atmosphere. If you are looking for something in particular, you will usually find someone ready and willing to assist you. (Think of Erin, Rebecca, Melo, Rachel, and Martha at Vintage Vogue- Always ready to greet and serve you with a smile!)

5.  Value: Shopping in consignment stores provide a greater price-to product ratio—You get more clothes for less money!! More for Less? Always a PLUS!

4. Low Prices: Most consignment  stores have low prices on their products. Just as with any other store, you will find items ON SALE. Many stores reduce the price of their items each month.

3.  Brand Names: Shopping at consignment stores you will find many name brand items for re-sale. And we’re talking HUGE BRAND NAMES at a fraction of the cost!

2.  New merchandise arrives daily: Consignors come in DAILY. That means the selection changes often. If you don’t find what you are looking for today, chances are, it will be there tomorrow.

1.  The thrill of the hunt! Shopping at consignment and second-hand stores allows you to have fun searching for the “right outfit” and knowing when you find it you got a real deal! Who says girls don’t know how to hunt???

Was our number one reason yours too? Comment on this post and tell us what your top reason is for shopping at consignment stores!